Something Fishy

We can’t get over it! Spring is here! And we are trying to incorporate it into every aspect of our days.

Whether we are working late in the yard because we can or sleeping in because it is just too dark to get up quite yet, we are blaming spring.

And this holds true for our diets.

While some of us are rocking three coolers for all our cold goods this week because the fridge broke last week, I know that most of you are rocking that refrigerated life. Enjoy that cool coffee creamer, you lucky bitches.

Now — on to more important matters. Dinner.

Living in Florida, we are required to love seafood. But grilled salmon with buttered veggies is only good so many nights a week.

Read on for ways to “spring” up your menu this week with some fresh ways to fish it up.

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Shake It Up

I adore food. Just in case that wasn’t clear already.

And as much as I love repeating favorite recipes, getting bored with food is a real struggle.

But trying to shake up your grocery routine can get expensive. Trying new recipes from scratch may require a pantry upheaval that we are just not prepared to pay for.

Read on to learn a few ways to shake up your weekly eating routine on a budget.


Shake up your proteins

I am a huge seafood fan. I could eat shrimp pasta, fish tacos, and fried octopus every week.

However, this is not good for your diet. Because, eventually, you will get sick of it. And then what?

When you find your diet in a rut, shake up the hero of the meal — the protein.

Try cooking with a new meat that you don’t usually use.

Making tacos? Try turkey meat instead of beef!

Making sandwiches? Try prosciutto with your ham.

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Most Important Drink of the Day

Breakfast should never be underestimated. It is the best way to bribe yourself out of a warm bed. Delicious in the morning or at night. It is perfect.

But sometimes a hot, fantastic breakfast day-after-day becomes too time consuming. Or it makes your pants fit a little too tightly.

While sausage, grits, and toast will always be my breakfast of choice, this year I have started something new.

Drinking breakfast.

Best Breakfast Smoothie


And while I wish I was referring to a morning mimosa, this smoothie is a close brunch second.

I detest smoothies. Hate them. They are the worst.

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Spread It, Melt It, Love It

Due to a fun sequence of medical circumstances, I am not supposed to eat dairy products. Or egg products. Or red meat.

This is an odd (and oddly specific) list but it has worked! Going dairy-free, egg-free, red-meat-free has allowed me to be in excellent health 99% of the time. For the three years I’ve followed this eclectic diet, it has gone very well for me.

I have also been gluten-free for going on fourteen years. This is a very different diet “need” for me. Where I am not supposed to eat the dairy and the eggs and the meat, I can definitely not eat gluten. Because it will kill me.

Dramatic? Yes. Accurate? Fairly.

So while I am incredibly strict about the gluten-free side of my diet, I am more fluid with the rest of it. No, I won’t “accidentally” eat a steak but, if some butter gets in my restaurant-ordered meal, everything will be okay. I just can’t make a habit of it.

Imagine my joy and wonder when a friend introduced me to Cabot* cheese. It is lactose-free, which is the extent to which my “no dairy in the diet” strictness goes. Last week was my first week in three years where the cheese in my diet wasn’t sweaty or spongy or “trying too hard.”

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Small Plates for Big Appetites

Happy tequila Tuesday, 810ers! I hope your day went by in a lovely fashion and that your fridge has a bottle of white wine chilling.

We in Florida have survived our ten-day winter. Whew. Thank you all for your prayers. It was looking rough there for a literal moment when we flirted with 39 degrees Fahrenheit. No need to send canned goods — we made it through the harsh storm.

The weather here is gorgeous and crisp, and we are enjoying the prospect of spending the weekend outside. If you still live somewhere that is still in winter (basically every state that is not Florida), hang in there! Warm weather will be here before we know it and then we will be counting down the days until autumn. It’s a vicious cycle that never ends.

In the meantime, our tummies are already excited about the beach picnics and summer barbeques that are just weeks away! And as we make this transition from chili to cheeseburgers, it is amazing but I cannot find the desire to cook this week. It is honestly the most bizarre thing! No matter! Where there is a will not to be domestic, there is a way to order take-out.

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Rice Me

With our traveling schedule being what it is, groceries are not where we want to splurge on this week. Instead, we would much rather pinch some pennies so we can buy some gorgeous Coterie pieces. But a girl’s gotta eat!

Just like our meals this week, this post is gonna be short and sweet and easy.

The easiest way to make meals out of virtually nothing is to rice it.

Of course, we all know that some instant white or brown rice with some chicken or fish makes for a quick, basically healthy meal.

This week, if you are as strapped for time as we are, pick up some Arborio and/or sushi rice at the grocery store.

They last for ages and allow you to make meals on the fly when you don’t have the time or funds to have an exorbitant grocery list.

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Cause We’re Hungry But Lazy

Some days we want to tie on a crisp apron, zest a lemon into our stainless steel mixing bowl, and, with our hair tossed messily (but full of grace) onto the tops of our head, we beautifully and lightly season a light pink salmon filet to gently grill.

Other days we suck marshmallows out of the plastic bag while our hair hangs lankly over our faces.

It’s all about balance.

The name of the game this week is easy and fast dinners that leave us feeling like reasonable adults who eat meals at tables, while requiring only minimal effort.

Below are three of the easiest weeknight dinners for busy people like yourself.

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It’s Practically a Salad

Fruit gummies shaped like little baby grape clusters and oranges? Practically a fruit medley.

A margarita with an orange garnish? Practically a juice cleanse.

And a batch of gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free breaded shrimp? Practically a salad.

I’m not a food scientist and I haven’t done the exact calorie calculations on this, but my rough math suggests that this recipe is the nutritional equivalent of an avocado.



Eating gluten-free can make it challenging to eat a lot of foods you can crunch your teeth into. It’s a lot of potatoes and a lot of rice and, in general, a lot of soft-ish foods.

From what I understand of my observations of normal human eating, breaded things are very popular. Gluten eaters will fry just about anything. Oreos. Onion rings. Mozzarella. The madness never ends.

I am not even going to waste either of our time going into why we try to fry everything. Spoiler alert: it is so delicious it makes you forget for a minute that you have to put on a pair of jeans tomorrow and may want to maintain some semblance of self-control so you are not forced to trot through your weekend wearing a pair of holey “I (heart in the shape of a mouse head) Disney World” grey sweatpants.

Whew. The post-fried-food pants shuffle is a real struggle.

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The Muggle (and Adult) Version of Butterbeer

We do not mean to beat a dead horse but getting through the winter can be a dreary business. Especially if you live somewhere legitimately cold (I imagine).

And I don’t know how y’all are doing at keeping your heads above water but over here at 810 Showroom, we are swimming as fast as we can. Our team is gearing up for Project Vegas, preparing for Coterie in NYC in a few weeks, all of our reps are killing it trying to get your favorite lines in your local stores, and the writing team is tweaking our editorial calendar to bring you the best content possible.

If this time of year is equally crazy for you, we feel you. Hang in there.

One of the best ways to plow through an insane day is to know that a relaxing evening is in store for you once you get home. Whatever “relaxing” means to you — whether it’s chain-watching “Sister Wives” or checking the stats on your “Full House” fan fiction — do what you can to make sure you have time to do these things once your time at work is finished for the day.

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Introverts of the World, Unite!

After coming home from a long day of work, it can take a lot of willpower to gather up the resolve and courage to put your bra back on and go out into the world to be a human again.

It is much easier to reheat that big bowl of leftover pasta and rest it on your belly while watching the 12 episodes of “Shark Tank” your DVR has recorded over the weekend.

Coming home after work and vegging out is nice until a week passes and then another week passes and then you’re 97 and you’ve watched all the Netflix things but so what?

trick yo self

For some people, being a social human is as natural as eating chocolate cake with lunch. For the rest of us who would rather be at home devouring Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale (which is just as good as Pinterest suggests), it takes a little more incentive to put down the tea and be a person.

Here are a few things that I have found help encourage me to be a social butterfly, which (like it or not) is so good for the soul.

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