The Easter Bunny Has Aged

Easter is a wonderful holiday. Even if the holiday has no religious significance for you, it is a time when chocolate animals dominate grocery store shelves and we are all encouraged to do a fun little art project, otherwise known as dying eggs.

And yet, the holiday is not quite the same when it is no longer accompanied by a fight-to-the-death egg hunt and candy provided by your parents.

Easter can be an amazing holiday, even if you are going solo this year in your grown-up apartment or celebrating for the first time with friends and significant others, rather than family.

Read on to learn more about how to celebrate the bunny as a grown-up person.

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Son of a Beach

Spring is officially here! And that means that warmer weather and hot summer days are just around the corner. If you are in the South or Hawaii, you are probably already experiencing beach-worthy weather.

Here is Jacksonville, we are enjoying delightfully warm 80-something days with still-frigid ocean water.

Last week was our first beach trip of the season. It was a warm and gorgeous day, but whilst reading Philippa Gregory novels from a beach chair I was struck with how much I didn’t want to make the walk back to the car.

Although there were only two of us enjoying the beach day (along with all of the FSU beach bros on Spring Break, debating the merits of various protein powders while they played beach beer pong, sipping *lemonade* out of neon yellow Solo cups), we were rocking the beach equipment of a family of six:

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Ways to Avoid Eating an Entire Chocolate Cake

We are all about healthy in moderation. Sure, enjoy a green juice for breakfast! Just make sure that you eat a good solid lunch. Yay! Try the new hot yoga class. But make sure you treat your body kindly and rest. And, again, we are not a fan of the seasonal diets, but living in Florida makes eating light and fresh super appealing as the weather starts to flirt with summer.

I will never skip dessert. Life is too damn short to not eat a cookie. However, I only get one body and want to treat it kindly.

There is balance involved.

So, here are some helpful ways to avoid eating an entire chocolate cake, Matilda-style, and enjoy a taste of something sweet while not making our bodies miserable.

Cake day


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Deep Breathes for a Calm Weekend

I fall victim the weekend more often than not.

It starts innocently enough.

Friday gets here and I think to myself, Whew! The hard part is over. Thank goodness.

Big lies I tell myself. That and, Chocolate frosting is a perfectly reasonable snack food.

One of these is more correct than the other (hint, hint: chocolate frosting is a perfectly reasonable snack food. And dinner. And dessert.)

But, the weekend thing is a big deal too.

I always have the best of intentions but usually leave a Sunday evening more exhausted than when I started the weekend after a hurried and harassed week at work. No matter, 810ers. We have helpful strategies so that we can all be a little more mindful with our weekend time.

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Namaste, Bitches

Happy, happy Friday. I cannot stress enough how insane this week is. Thank you so much, 810ers, for loving the short blog posts of this week. We greatly appreciate your kindness and patience.

Today we are recovering from a week of travel and a diet of take-out and snacks. So naturally, with summer just around the corner, we are planning some workouts with our Nux gear soon.

As awesome as a good spin class is, sometimes it is good to take a moment and stretch it out. Enter yoga. And enter the thoughts we have during yoga.



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How to Do It All and Still Have Time to Netflix

We are all busy people. Trying to go to the gym and eat healthy whilst balancing school and work during which maintaining a social life and staying abreast of the latest New York Times bestseller fiction work but making time to catch up on “Grey’s Anatomy” oh but wait it’s time to check in with the family.


If your planners look anything like ours, the days are full of more things to-do than lines to put them on.

Trying to do it all and look cute can be exhausting. We are here to help.

There is no reason why you can’t be the superwoman of your own life. It just takes a few secret tricks and tips.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

Valentine’s Day takes a lot of heat. Either people hate it (commercialism, Hallmark holiday, National Singles Awareness Day) or they love it enough to make those of us on the Valentine’s day fence hate it as well (don’t post an Insta of the five dozen roses you got. We know you are in a relationship. You post how much you love each other every day. Those roses are for you, not us. Keep them to yourself).

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, let’s make this Valentine’s excellent.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. And, I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but more love in this world is something worth celebrating, no matter what your relationship status is.

To get us in the mood for kind thoughts and self-love attitudes this weekend, today we are going to look at some perfectly lovely words said by perfectly lovely people.

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Comma Splice THIS

No matter what your current job — where it be organic cat groomer or deflated college student — at some point, you will find that you need to write something. And that it needs to be good.

Resumes, emails to your boss begging to get a few days off in April so you can go to the Tortuga Music Festival, angry letters to Pixar demanding more frequent movie releases, a thank-you note to your cousin for the multi-colored punch bowl they mailed to you (on accident, you think), crafting the perfect text to send to your interest that strikes just the right tone. Writing touches our lives in more ways than we give it credit for.

While some people would love nothing more than to curl up with a gorgeous Italian leather journal and jot the afternoon away by recording their beautiful thoughts on the toned pages, others would rather swim across a gator-infested lake than sit down at the kitchen table and address the envelopes for their Christmas cards.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, it is important that you be able to write well. Even if you hate doing it.


Below are three very simple tips that anyone can use to make their writing as crisp and clean (and pain free) as possible.

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5:00 — Solve World Hunger (Tell No One)

Work. Classes. Family. Friends. Watching “Friends.” Again. Buzzfeed quizzes. Being behind the rest of the world on our “Making a Murderer” viewing.

We are all busy people.

I don’t know about y’all but this week has been insanity. And not in a good way where I’m juggling my coffee and looking cute and making nice conversation with strangers. In the, last night’s dinner was a tray of still half-frozen French fries, still on the cookie sheet, dipped in vegan mayo whilst re-starting “Glee” on Netflix at 10 p.m.

I do not say this with pride. I know it speaks to what a disaster of a human I currently am. This busy-ness is legit and, looking forward to next week, I am taking steps to help myself keep my head above water.

Read on to learn how we can get ready for next week’s madness and not hysterically cry on the floor, listening to “Hello” on repeat because we are still not over it while eating vanilla wafers.

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You Want Me to Do What?

I have a gym membership. Which, for me, means that my credit card gets charged twenty-one dollars each month and I have a bland, white key chain in exchange for my payment.

Just having a membership makes me feel healthier, even if I use it sparsely.

Every week I promise myself that this will be the week that I make sure that this investment is used well — that I actually use the gym membership that I pay for. And every week this is just a blatant lie I throw at myself.

And while I am always a little down that I didn’t keep my promise to myself, I am never disappointed by the amazing reasons my brain creates that make skipping the gym seem like the only rational decision.

*Disclaimer: I am well aware that human people are supposed to work out and that it is good for you and that, when I’m 80, my hips will just break due to the lack of exercising in my twenties. My “work it out” Pinterest board would suggest that I am actively seeking washboard abs and yearn for powerful thighs. This is a misrepresentation. I dream about breakfast and dessert is not an optional food group in my diet.*

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