Rock Your Week

Happy Monday! Here we go, here we go, here we go again!

After an insane weekend of hanging out with all the cool, pale kids at the Atlanta Gluten-Free and Allergen Expo (excuse me while I push my glasses back up the bridge of my nose), we are ready to kill this week of work and play.

We are going to keep it short and sweet because we are all busy people. But here are a few tips to help start your week off strong.


Clean clothes game

Every week I go to do this. And most weeks I give up. But the weeks I complete the task, the rest of the days are smooth sailing.

What on God’s green Earth am I talking about?

Picking out your outfits for the week. Just like your mom used to do when you were in elementary school.

No one wants to try and be creative and cute at 6:30 in the morning when you are tired and wine headachy and stressed about the to-do list on your desk.

Pick out every detail of your outfit the night before (necklaces, shoes, everything). It will make your morning easier, and you will feel great at 2 p.m. when you are in a meeting and so relieved that you decided not to go with leggings and an oversized sweater for the fourth day in a row.


Clean eating game

I am fully aware that we talk about food on this blog more often than is healthy. We realize we have a problem. But life is too short to not eat dessert every day.

Pack snacks and a good lunch for yourself. Your work day will thank you.

There is nothing like the disappointment of realizing at 11, with the first pangs of lunch hunger, that you packed half an apple and a slice of ham to get you through the day. Gross.

Give yourself something to look forward to. Bribe yourself. It works.

Pack a lunch that makes you excited. It divides the work day up quite nicely.

Happy week, everyone.


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Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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