Just like with the fanny pack, there are certain trends that continue to shock me as they make their way back into popularity.

One of these is the choker. Ah, yes. The infamous, beautiful, is-she-in-pain-or-just-accessorizing choker. Made popular in the 90s by who even knows.

Even this pixelated image shows us how pivotal this trend was in the 90s. Sabrina wore it. Sabrina! Who dated Harvey, the dreamiest guy ever.

Catch our drift?

And yet this fashion disaster has made its way back. One of my personal favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers Cara Loren is even incorporating the choker into her modern look.

What is it exactly about this accessory that has wormed its way (read: threatened its way) back into our hearts and back on our necks? Personally, anything that reads so violently — choker — puts me on high alert, right away.


What was wrong with it?

It choked us.

No false advertising here. It literally choked us. You had to pull the thing over your head like a deranged woman trying to fit in her 16-year-old-self’s jeans. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Maybe I just have a weird thing about things being around my neck, but this look wasn’t for me when it was popular the first go-around and I am having a hard time getting my head (and neck) around it’s new popularity.


Why did we love it?

The lack of oxygen to our brains probably helped.

But we love it again now! And we have had plenty of time to catch our breath since the last time we hung ourselves with these necklaces of doom.

Modern lovers of the look can find them at such stores as Urban and Anthropologie.


How can we ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself?

Sorry kids. Once again we find ourselves at a loss.

Maybe pair a choker with your fanny pack?

I am all for taking trend risks (looking at you, overalls), but there is just something entirely disagreeable about this whole “Hey! I bought a fanny pack! It’s Victoria’s Secret. Oh! I’m not choking. It’s just my necklace” thing. Maybe I am just ever-so-slightly too young or (more likely) ever-so-slightly too old to understand these too.

If you can explain it to me, I am all ears. And choke-free neck.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com



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