Something Fishy

We can’t get over it! Spring is here! And we are trying to incorporate it into every aspect of our days.

Whether we are working late in the yard because we can or sleeping in because it is just too dark to get up quite yet, we are blaming spring.

And this holds true for our diets.

While some of us are rocking three coolers for all our cold goods this week because the fridge broke last week, I know that most of you are rocking that refrigerated life. Enjoy that cool coffee creamer, you lucky bitches.

Now — on to more important matters. Dinner.

Living in Florida, we are required to love seafood. But grilled salmon with buttered veggies is only good so many nights a week.

Read on for ways to “spring” up your menu this week with some fresh ways to fish it up.


 Tilapia tacos

Tacos are one of man’s easiest meals. Brown some meat, season some meat, heat some shells, add some toppings, eat all the guac. Boom. You’re done!

And while I love replacing ground beef with ground turkey in my tacos, this time of year, we get even crazier.

That’s right! Homemade fish tacos! It is oh so very exciting.

Grill the fish in a pan just like you would turkey or beef and add some seafood seasoning. Remember that fish cooks faster than other types of meat so prepare accordingly.

Follow traditional taco procedures for the rest of the meal and you’ve got yourself a seasonal favorite!

With tilapia tacos, I find less is more. I usually do the fish with guac on a hard shell and that is more than enough flavor for me!


Salmon burgers

While grilled salmon can get tired quickly, there are ways to freshen up a fishy favorite.

After grilling some salmon filets (in a pan or on an actually grill, you fancy thing you), put your beautiful pink meat (the salmon) between two lightly toasted buns. Add a splash of aioli sauce and bam! You’ve got yourself a lighter, fresher burger.

Again, the name of the game is easy meals. But, repetition killed the cat. Or something like that.

This play on a favorite is a great way to invigorate your weekly menu.


Shell pasta

I am the first one to throw some shrimp on plain pasta. It is easy and simple and quickly adds a beachy flair.

If you are in the mood for something a little different this week, don’t be afraid of the shell.

Mussels and clams, that is.

Cook them with your pasta. You know they are done when the shells open up. Add some tomatoes, spinach, and cheese. There! Another successful meal of tricking others into thinking we are fancier than we really are.


Cheers, 810ers! Enjoy this beautiful spring week of eating!


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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