Spring Into Spring

It’s that time of year! The mornings are darker but the evenings last forever. The weather is no longer deathly crisp. The sun can kiss our skin and we are putting barbeques on our calendars.


I hope that everyone had a beautiful Easter and is excited to jump into this next season of the year. So munch on the remains of that chocolate bunny and sip that coffee. You are breakfasting like a champ.

Now it’s time to get ourselves in gear to look like the spring angels we want to be!


All About That Palette

Spring is the best time of year to look like a human pastel coloring book. Be bold and be brave but don’t be insane.

I am all about that black-on-black outfit life. But, when the weather is transitioning from brrr to ahhhh, time for the color!

Light blue looks lovely on everyone. And find the pink that works best for you!

Enjoy the brightness of your outfits and allow them to make your day happy.


Face It, You’re Beautiful

Yay for spring lipstick colors! And soft blushes! And warm bronzers!

Winter is a wonderful time for fierce eyeliner and heavy blush and deep red lipstick.

For spring, though, I favor the soft look.

Enjoy fresh, light makeup this time of year as we spend time outside.

Find a pale lip color you love and follow the immortal words of Aunt Becky:

Aunt Becky


Walk It Off

Just like we aren’t rushing to put on our blood red lipstick after spring break, it is time to retire the boots for the year.

Treat yourself to some work-appropriate sandals and wedges.

Getting into the right season of mind can be as simple as putting on some shoes that let your feet breathe in the spring air.


Enjoy, 810ers.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com

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