The Easter Bunny Has Aged

Easter is a wonderful holiday. Even if the holiday has no religious significance for you, it is a time when chocolate animals dominate grocery store shelves and we are all encouraged to do a fun little art project, otherwise known as dying eggs.

And yet, the holiday is not quite the same when it is no longer accompanied by a fight-to-the-death egg hunt and candy provided by your parents.

Easter can be an amazing holiday, even if you are going solo this year in your grown-up apartment or celebrating for the first time with friends and significant others, rather than family.

Read on to learn more about how to celebrate the bunny as a grown-up person.

Happy Easyer


Make it an occasion

Even if you are not with the whole fam, this is no reason to not celebrate.

Life is an occasion. Rise to it.

I am on board with any reason to set a beautiful table. Sunday brunch. Friday dinner. Tuesday potluck. It is all good fun.

No matter how many people will be at your Easter table, make sure you mark it as a holiday.

Just you? Make homemade mac and cheese (from scratch) and accompany it with a little ham.

You and your person celebrating alone this year? Instead of a huge batch of your grandma’s delicious mashed potatoes, trying two twice-baked potatoes and a mini cheesecake for dessert.

Having brunch with your squad? Try a new mimosa recipe.

No matter who you are celebrating with this year as an adult, make it special. Make it a holiday.


Treat yo self

Missing the Easter basket the bunny used to leave on your parents’ kitchen table?

Treat yourself to Easter candy you love.

And none of this, “I will wait until the day after Easter so it is half the price” nonsense.

Easter candy eaten on Easter is worth paying full price.

You are worth full-price Easter candy.


Drink to that

Whether it is a cup of coffee or a crisp glass of white, take a moment to celebrate adulthood.

Being apart from your family on a holiday is a big step. Before you go to bed Sunday, turn off the TV and sit in your favorite chair and raise a glass.

Holidays are about celebrating, and in this non-stop life that we are living, sometimes scheduling meditative moments is necessary. Happy Easter, loves.


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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