Happy Thursday!

This week is special because we are diving into a no good, terrible, very bad trend that has somehow made a terrific comeback.

The fanny pack.

We are in a scary time people.

It is coming back. The thing that we thought was too horrible to ever show its face again. The thing that literally has “fanny” in the name.

For some reason it is now trendy to wear a brand name fanny pack sideways on your hip over your bathing suit.


DARE fanny


What was wrong with it?

What is wrong with this?

We have to use the present tense because it is coming back.

Oh calamity.

Sure, it is convenient. But so is an umbrella hat. And you don’t see us pinning those to our heads.

Convenience factor aside, it is just not cute. And this is a fashion showroom blog. We support the functional and the adorable.

This does not check both of those boxes.


Why did we love it?

Because we can go to a water park without a purse.

Because we can go to the beach without a purse.

Because we can go to a theme park without a purse.

Because we can go to a festival without a purse.

This is it.

Victoria Secret fanny pack.png


If the only reason you love something is because it eliminates an element of clothing you usually love, maybe that is time to re-evaluate.


How can we ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself?

It already has.

I can’t decide whether or not to accept that it is a thing, or still vehemently agree with the fact that it is time to let this trend die.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com

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