Shake It Up

I adore food. Just in case that wasn’t clear already.

And as much as I love repeating favorite recipes, getting bored with food is a real struggle.

But trying to shake up your grocery routine can get expensive. Trying new recipes from scratch may require a pantry upheaval that we are just not prepared to pay for.

Read on to learn a few ways to shake up your weekly eating routine on a budget.


Shake up your proteins

I am a huge seafood fan. I could eat shrimp pasta, fish tacos, and fried octopus every week.

However, this is not good for your diet. Because, eventually, you will get sick of it. And then what?

When you find your diet in a rut, shake up the hero of the meal — the protein.

Try cooking with a new meat that you don’t usually use.

Making tacos? Try turkey meat instead of beef!

Making sandwiches? Try prosciutto with your ham.

Shake it up! It helps!


Shake up your veggies

Just like it is easy to get into a protein rut, changing up your veggies can help your weekly menu.

I am not a monster so I only use the veggies that come in the steam-able bag.

Buy a different bag than normal and try it out. It’s easy and cheap and helps your body.


Shake up your carbs

Potatoes and rice make up 25% of our diet. Because they are both delicious.

When your menu starts to be too repetitive, time to shake.

Try cooking a new type of rice, like sushi or Arborio.

Try making potatoes in a new way, like twice-baked or homemade French fries.

Even if it is the same food, changing the way you cook them can help diversify the meals you make.


Happy eating!


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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