Treat Yo Self [On a Budget]

We are princesses. But we are on a budget here.

However, that is no reason that we shouldn’t be able to treat ourselves often.

Read on for the best ways to treat yourself this week like the royalty you are but still be able to afford groceries this week.

Spa on a Budget.png


Cheap manicure

There is just something about a beautiful set of nails. They can easily make you feel graceful and elegant even while you are slugging the 9-to-5.

And while you can easily drop fifty dollars on a manicure, we are not about that life.

Just go to your favorite local nail salon and ask for a color change. This is not a very expensive treat but still feels like you are being pampered.


Massage school

Do a quick Google search and figure out if there is a massage school near you. And, if there is, make an appointment.

A massage does wonders for your mood and body. It is incredible.

Getting a massage by a student means that you will be paying an incredibly low price for an hour of relaxing.

It will make you feel like a Real Housewife even while you are paying off those student loans.


Blow it out

Being a girl is expensive. And hair maintenance is a once, twice a year lofty price tag for me.

But you can still spoil your hair, without paying for a cut and dye job.

Before a special occasion, schedule a blow out at your salon.

It is so relaxing to have someone wash and style your hair, and it is nowhere near as expensive as a full-hair day.


Better face wash

Amazon a better face wash. Today. Immediately.

Your face deserves the best and having a quality face wash at the end of the day is a wonderful day to treat yourself on a regular basis.

I have just discovered Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths and I am obsessed.

First of all, I adore quality adjectives.

Second of all, it’s an awesome product and, at the end of every day, I feel like I am on a mini-spa vacay.

Invest in your skin. You deserve it.


Bubble bath bomb

Time for a glass of wine and a huge bubble bath.

I prefer Lush, but whatever bubble bath gets ya going, buy one or two and treat yo self to an evening in the bubbles.

It is usually less than ten dollars. It’s just good for the soul. Enjoy.


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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