Happy Thursday! Leh go.

We have previously gone into the horrors of denim past. But let us focus today on the tragedy that is, specifically, 90’s denim on demin. Or denim squared.




What was wrong with it?

Maybe it was the bedazzling. Maybe it was the acid wash.

Maybe it was the fear that, whilst dressed in this denim on denim, these women’s hairsprayed manes would just suddenly set afire.

Wash That Acid.png

So much worry involved.


Why did we love it?

I think this look was so beloved because, while it was the trend, it was hard to mess up.

Fashion can be intimidating, and trying to sort through your closet to make amazing outfits that you feel good in can be exhausting.

This eliminated the stress.

Just go in your closet and roughly grab the first two denim items you see.

So what if you look like a rusted blueberry? Who cares if your plastic jewels shine like the top of the Chrysler Building?

We thought we were rocking this life in our head-to-toe jeans.


How can we ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself?

Denim on denim can be awesome. Black Orchid knows how to do it.

Black Orchid.png

Different colored denim helps. Modern jean cuts work miracles. And soft looking denim fabric (instead of the starchy look of years past) propels denim on denim into 2016.


Denim responsibly.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com



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