Write That Resume

One of the fastest way to eliminate yourself from a prospective job is to have a poorly written resume. Your experience may be incredible, but nothing distracts from a solid resume faster than copy editing and formatting mistakes.

Here at 810 Showroom, we want everyone to live their best life. This includes killing it in the job sphere. And as many people get closer and closer to their graduation date, this post feels more topical than ever.

Read on for ways to make sure that your resume is looking as fierce as you are.

It is one thing to not get a job because of a lack of experience. It is another thing entirely to knock yourself out of the running with a bad resume.



Our eyes see a resume as a whole before we see the individual lines of text.

Make sure that all of your lines match up and that you are consistent.

If you use bullets under each job title to describe what you did at this job, use bullets throughout the whole document. If you put the month and year for one job timeframe, include the month and year for all the others. Use the same font throughout the document. Use the same font size. Bold consistently.

This is something that is incredibly simple but, as someone who interviews others, let me assure you that your interviewer will notice if you’ve overlooked this simple fix.

Even if you are not detail-oriented, make sure that your resume is clean and everything is lined up.

Consistency, consistency, consistency.

Edit That Resume.png

Image courtesy of finaldraftpapers on Instagram


Read through your resume. And then read through it again.

And then ask a friend to read it.

Ask one more friend.

Simple mistakes can make it through a first read through and a second read through.

Give yourself the respect you deserve and polish your experience until it shines as brightly as you do.



Your resume should be one page. That’s all.

Edit it down if it is more than that.

Your future employer does not want to flip.

Keep the most relevant job experience for the position you are applying for and keep it short and sweet.

One page.



Do not use the same verb over and over and over again.

Even if you managed several aspects of your job, use the verb “manage” once and then crack open that thesaurus.

Oversaw. Supervised. Administered. Guided. Operated. Regulated. Ran. Trained.

All of these are awesome and pepper your resume with diverse verbs that show your versatility.


Happy job hunting!

Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com

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