Most Important Drink of the Day

Breakfast should never be underestimated. It is the best way to bribe yourself out of a warm bed. Delicious in the morning or at night. It is perfect.

But sometimes a hot, fantastic breakfast day-after-day becomes too time consuming. Or it makes your pants fit a little too tightly.

While sausage, grits, and toast will always be my breakfast of choice, this year I have started something new.

Drinking breakfast.

Best Breakfast Smoothie


And while I wish I was referring to a morning mimosa, this smoothie is a close brunch second.

I detest smoothies. Hate them. They are the worst.

They are too cold and too fruity, and don’t try to tell me they are practically a milkshake. You’re¬†kidding yourself. A milkshake is dramatically better.

I am therefore a bit remiss to call this a smoothie. It is much more similar to a milkshake. Mainly because it is delicious (and smoothies are not). But smoothie has a better connotation so we are going to stick with it.

The word “smoothie” doesn’t take that many typings to suddenly look super weird.

Smoothie Ingredients.png


I have seen many versions of this smoothie on Pinterest; this is not an original recipe.

It is super adaptable, though, so feel free to make it your own. I use a Magic Bullet but a regular blender would work fine.

First, I roughly slice a banana so that the Bullet/Blender has an easier time blending it. Next, I add a healthy splash (about a cup) of original almond milk. I have used low fat chocolate almond milk in a pinch and that worked well. It just made the drink a little thinner.

Next, a large spoonful of cocoa powder and a heaping of peanut butter (about a tablespoon of both). I have used both creamy and crunchy in the past. Both work wonderfully, I just personally prefer creamy. If you so wish, now would be a great time to add vanilla extract. This used to be essential to my morning smoothie. And then, in a rush one morning, I realized I had no more vanilla extract. I made my smoothie anyway and wasn’t able to notice a terrible difference. Since then, no vanilla extract for me. I just do not miss it.

Finally, add a handful of ice cubes (I do four) and blend until smooth.

This breakfast keeps me full and it is insanely good. It is like dessert. So stick a straw in it and enjoy!


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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