Make It Beautiful

Pinterest has ruined us all.

It has made us believe that every other human’s house is beautifully decorated with fresh, crisp linens and overflowing bouquets of sunflowers. Pinterest tricks us into thinking that others have beautiful trays of poached eggs on gently crisped English muffins for breakfast while we are sucking the soggy remains of last night’s pizza out of its take-out box.

And while Pinterest has given us unrealistic home (and stomach) expectations, it does provide wonderful inspiration for quick, easy ways to add dazzle to your home.

We are not interested in a $10k home renovation in this stage of our life; instead, we are in more of a face-lift period.

MM - Home Styling.png


Start small

When you don’t have the budget to re-do a room at a time, the best thing to do is pick a corner at a time.

My bathroom is not quite where I want it to be yet. I would love new rugs, fluffier towels, a new make-up organizer, and a framed mirror. Thanks, Pinterest.

Having pride in your home and wanting it to look its best is not a princess-y crime. You should make an effort when it comes to where you live. A happy, clean home is an excellent way to achieve a happy, clean mind.

My budget does not allow for me to, on a whim, re-do a room so, instead, I re-do a corner.

Since I want my bathroom to look different, I am starting small.

I choose the tub. I took out the plastic soap bottles and cheap jars and went TJ Maxx crazy. I spent thirty dollars and was able to get everything I wanted to make my tub décor elegant and adult-y. Two small kitchen trays. Three gorgeous candles. Two containers to hold all the things. Boom. Done.

The peace and sense of achievement from such a small win is astounding. Making small progress is better than making no progress. I also find that, the more control you take over your space to make it your own, the more you treat it with respect.


Beauty or beast

I do not have a problem with clutter (except for that polka dot board — I’m sorry Ryan! I just can’t throw it out!).

If it does not bring me joy from its beauty or perform a beast of a function, it has got to go.

Elephant paintings? Bring me joy. They must stay.

A colander? I cook pasta. I needs it.

The high heels I bought sophomore year of college and have never worn? They have got to go.

Slowly go through where you reside and de-clutter. Is it a beauty or a beast? If so, it can stay? If not, Gaston that bitch and get it to Goodwill.


Plan ahead

Don’t go bigger than you need to before you can.

There is nothing quite like the stress of a long-term unfinished home improvement project. It is not only an eyesore but is a constant reminder of the work you still have to do and the money you still have to spend.

Make sure that you have the time and money to commit to a project before you start. This keeps it manageable and ensures that your home improvement adventures do not result in horrible stress ulcers.


Happy housing, 810ers!


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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