Ways to Avoid Eating an Entire Chocolate Cake

We are all about healthy in moderation. Sure, enjoy a green juice for breakfast! Just make sure that you eat a good solid lunch. Yay! Try the new hot yoga class. But make sure you treat your body kindly and rest. And, again, we are not a fan of the seasonal diets, but living in Florida makes eating light and fresh super appealing as the weather starts to flirt with summer.

I will never skip dessert. Life is too damn short to not eat a cookie. However, I only get one body and want to treat it kindly.

There is balance involved.

So, here are some helpful ways to avoid eating an entire chocolate cake, Matilda-style, and enjoy a taste of something sweet while not making our bodies miserable.

Cake day


Coffee please! Or tea, if you fancy

If I am craving a double chocolate chip brownie, those are nights when a cup of sweet coffee is the perfect snack as I wind down for the night. Caffeine has zero effect on me so I could drink a cup in bed and drift happily off to sleep.

However, if your body reacts appropriately to large doses of caffeine, decaf will work nicely.

Even better is tea. I am not a tea fan at all, no matter how hard I try. And I think I should be a person who likes tea. I have long hair. I believe in positive energy. I make my own biscuits from scratch. But no matter. It is just not in the cards for me.

A sweet beverage (followed by a crisp glass of water) is a great way to lean into your sweet tooth without completely abandoning your goal of eating well.


Just a spoonful of sugar

Frosting is the most underrated of dessert foods.

Do not think that you require a cake to buy a container. They won’t ask at the register. They will let you buy it, even if you don’t have a cake in your possession.

A spoonful of chocolate (or vanilla, if you’re a monster) frosting can kill even the most strong of sweet tooth craving. It is so rich and sweet that, usually, it only takes one heaping spoon to satisfy that need for a dessert.


Chip me!

Milk chocolate and white chocolate are the best. There is no need to discuss this further.

So, I keep (dairy-free) dark chocolate chips on hand for when I need something quick and sweet. If I had a bag of peanut butter chocolate chips, that would be the end. I would spend the night, cross-legged on my kitchen floor, pouring the bag of chips into my mouth without abandon.

Since I like the dark chocolate (but definitely don’t love it), it is just enough sweet to get me through the evening while still holding on to some self-control.


Brush it, brush it good

If you are really trying to avoid eating sweets, brush your teeth.

I don’t know about y’all, but by the end of the day I am bone tired. I do everything I can to minimize the work I have to do before bed. I am never going to brush my teeth twice, unless absolutely necessary.

Brushing your teeth will discourage you from eating anything else because, let’s face it, we can be lazy right before bed.


I have found that, when I deprive myself, this is when I end up in the bathtub, eating an entire cheesecake by myself as I cry to the original Disney classics soundtrack. Just some of these small delicious steps can help turn a dessert nightmare waiting to happen into a quick sweet treat.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com

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