Happy Thursday everyone! Here we go!

Remember these?

Mood rings.jpg

Now you can only find them near the cash registers at beach novelty stores, but these used to be a thing!

Mood rings: The young Millennial’s way of determining how they were feeling.

These were like the Magic 8 balls of your soul. They could inform you of your mood without you ever having to leave your bed.

For the youngest of our readers, mood rings were something kids in the 90s accessorized with. It was a happy, cheesy time. All That was on our TVs and these cheap metal bands were around our fingers.

The idea was that the color of the ring would change depending on your mood. Oooh. Ahhh. It was magical.

There were many rumors flying around from the skeptics on why the rings actually changed colors. Some claimed it had to do with your body temperature. Others claimed that your mood determined your body temperature so, potato, potatoe.

No matter what the real witchcraft was behind these rings, we were all fans and went bonkers for being told how we were feeling.


What was wrong with it?

It just wasn’t cute.

The metal was obviously very cheap, as you could buy one of these babies on your five-dollar-a-week allowance. It left a beautiful blue metal ring around your finger that let everyone know not just your mood, but that you were a sucker for the mood ring.

If we think about it, mood rings might have been the beginning of the end for Millennials. It was the first time we allowed “technology” to tell the world how we were feeling. Now we use Facebook and Insta, but back in the day, your mood ring served as your status update to the world.

Maybe if it hadn’t been for mood rings, we would be able to make eye contact with strangers and sit at a huge booth in a restaurant and talk to each other instead of updating our SnapChat story.


Why did we love it?

It was fun!

Wearing a piece of “clothing” that you genuinely thought could help you become more self-aware was a fun gimmick.

It was like having your own personal psychic with you all the time.


How can we ensure that history doesn’t repeat itself?

I have faith that we all have better taste now. Not many of us base our fashion choices on the bargain bin at the Rave store on Myrtle Beach. It will all be alright.

Let’s just all agree to keep moving forward.


Happy Thursday, 810ers. Have a lovely day.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com

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