Listen Up

Happy Wednesday! I hope the first half of your week has been lovely and that the next few days will go by peacefully and kindly as we make our way to the weekend.

As we have been travelling a lot recently — and looking forward to all of our summer trips — we are having to find ways to keep our road trips fun and exciting.

While we will never underestimate the power of a great Spotify playlist, sometimes the mood to blast Backstreet Boys is just not there. Crazy, but true.

Over the last year we have found some pretty amazing (and some pretty terrible) podcasts that make a five-hour road trip go by faster than we could imagine.

Planning your next trip or looking for something new to listen to on your daily commute? Give one or some of these a try and let us know what you think!

All The Podcasts.png


This American Life

You have probably heard of this podcast while you are listening to Serial. But this podcast is amazing on its own.

It is hosted by Ira Glass, quite possibly one of the best radio personalities. He is an interesting guy that sets up the podcast in such a great way.

Every week this podcast has a theme and then shares two to four stories around that theme.

It’s about an hour long and definitely worth the listen.


Savage Lovecast

This is not the podcast for the light of heart.

The Savage Lovecast is hosted by Dan Savage, an openly gay liberal who gives very vivid sex advice to any and all audience questions.

I definitely do not recommend this podcast for anyone under 18. And while I do not agree with all that Dan Savage says, I am a firm supporter of his agenda to have actual comprehensive sex education programs in America, equal rights for all sexual orientations, and what consent looks like.

If you are feeling super open-minded, I highly recommend this podcast. It does wonders for a long road trip.


Planet Money

Planet Money is a great podcast for a twenty-minute commute to work. These short, bite-sized episodes cover such topics as why we tip waitresses, the first lottery, and why the price of Coke stayed the same for so long.

They are fun and digestible and cover really smart topics in an interesting way. Two thumbs up!



I have only ever listened to this podcast a couple times but cannot seem to delete it from my list of podcasts.

Once you get over the nuances of the host’s voice (hang in there), it is a fun listen. Criminal covers topics such as a man who robbed several banks before turning himself in and the nature of a police dog.

These are also really short episodes that make listening fun and easy and smart.


Modern Love Podcast

Produced by the New York Times, this podcast has actors read some of the most famous pieces from the “Modern Love” section of the Times. These stories are sad, heartwarming, fun, and relatable.

In the era of Craigslist and Internet dating, there are more stories than ever about what defines a modern romance and how to date, be single, and fall in love in the twenty-first century.

What I like most about these episodes is that, at the end, the host interviews the writer of the original piece. It’s a sweet podcast, perfect for long Saturday drives.


Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me!

I know most people are already huge fans of this podcast but I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention it.

Monday mornings are exciting simply for the fact that I get to listen to the newest episode on my way to work.

It is a funny show, featuring a panel of comedians and one special guest (Trisha Yearwood, Cory Booker, etc.), that covers news topics. If you want a fun way to stay on top of the week’s news, this is the way to go!


Happy listening, 810ers!


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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