Deep Breathes for a Calm Weekend

I fall victim the weekend more often than not.

It starts innocently enough.

Friday gets here and I think to myself, Whew! The hard part is over. Thank goodness.

Big lies I tell myself. That and, Chocolate frosting is a perfectly reasonable snack food.

One of these is more correct than the other (hint, hint: chocolate frosting is a perfectly reasonable snack food. And dinner. And dessert.)

But, the weekend thing is a big deal too.

I always have the best of intentions but usually leave a Sunday evening more exhausted than when I started the weekend after a hurried and harassed week at work. No matter, 810ers. We have helpful strategies so that we can all be a little more mindful with our weekend time.



Sunday suds

My favorite weekend tradition is my Sunday morning bubble bath. No matter how busy my weekend is, if I am spending it at home, I am in the tub come 9am Sunday morning. There are bubbles. There is coffee. There is always an amazing book. It is such a wonderful way to clear my head before I get started with a new week.

Whatever clears your head, make it a priority to take time to do that thing over the weekend.

Whether it is a yoga class, a couple hours of video games, or painting — just do it. This is way more about mental health than productivity.

Have a routine every week where the sole purpose is that it makes your heart happy.


Adult it

No one said it was going to be easy, but they did promise that if you try to eat gummy worms for dinner, no one is going to stop you.

Adulting has its perks. And its downsides.

Laundry is important. So is grocery shopping. And straightening up your house.

Do all of these things during the weekend for a less stressful week.


Fun, please

Do something fun!

It can be easy to get sucked back into watching Game of Thrones as we not-so-patiently wait for April. However, it’s better for the heart and brain if you take the time to spend some time outside of your home.

See a movie. Check out a festival. Grab a cup of coffee.

Do something that you want to do but that gets you out of the house. Don’t do something just for the sake of doing it. You are an adult now. One of the perks is that you only get to do stuff you want to do. Except schedule dentist appointments. That’s on you now.


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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