Just like with the fanny pack, there are certain trends that continue to shock me as they make their way back into popularity.

One of these is the choker. Ah, yes. The infamous, beautiful, is-she-in-pain-or-just-accessorizing choker. Made popular in the 90s by who even knows.

Even this pixelated image shows us how pivotal this trend was in the 90s. Sabrina wore it. Sabrina! Who dated Harvey, the dreamiest guy ever.

Catch our drift?

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Beachy Authors

Spring is the best time to knock out a few books that have been sitting on your bookshelf all year. The weather is nice, the days are longer, we find ourselves at beaches and pools more.

It is just a good situation all around.

However, finding an excellent beach author can be tricky.

While we want to read amazing novels on all our outdoor adventures (read: drinking things by a pool), tanning weather is not the time to try your hand at War and Peace. There is a delicate balance needed between a hearty read and yet one that won’t cramp your mojito style because the plot is too complicated.

Below are a few of our favorite authors as you hit your favorite vacay spots in the upcoming weeks and try to get your tan on.

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Something Fishy

We can’t get over it! Spring is here! And we are trying to incorporate it into every aspect of our days.

Whether we are working late in the yard because we can or sleeping in because it is just too dark to get up quite yet, we are blaming spring.

And this holds true for our diets.

While some of us are rocking three coolers for all our cold goods this week because the fridge broke last week, I know that most of you are rocking that refrigerated life. Enjoy that cool coffee creamer, you lucky bitches.

Now — on to more important matters. Dinner.

Living in Florida, we are required to love seafood. But grilled salmon with buttered veggies is only good so many nights a week.

Read on for ways to “spring” up your menu this week with some fresh ways to fish it up.

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Spring Into Spring

It’s that time of year! The mornings are darker but the evenings last forever. The weather is no longer deathly crisp. The sun can kiss our skin and we are putting barbeques on our calendars.


I hope that everyone had a beautiful Easter and is excited to jump into this next season of the year. So munch on the remains of that chocolate bunny and sip that coffee. You are breakfasting like a champ.

Now it’s time to get ourselves in gear to look like the spring angels we want to be!

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The Easter Bunny Has Aged

Easter is a wonderful holiday. Even if the holiday has no religious significance for you, it is a time when chocolate animals dominate grocery store shelves and we are all encouraged to do a fun little art project, otherwise known as dying eggs.

And yet, the holiday is not quite the same when it is no longer accompanied by a fight-to-the-death egg hunt and candy provided by your parents.

Easter can be an amazing holiday, even if you are going solo this year in your grown-up apartment or celebrating for the first time with friends and significant others, rather than family.

Read on to learn more about how to celebrate the bunny as a grown-up person.

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Happy Thursday!

This week is special because we are diving into a no good, terrible, very bad trend that has somehow made a terrific comeback.

The fanny pack.

We are in a scary time people.

It is coming back. The thing that we thought was too horrible to ever show its face again. The thing that literally has “fanny” in the name.

For some reason it is now trendy to wear a brand name fanny pack sideways on your hip over your bathing suit.


DARE fanny


What was wrong with it?

What is wrong with this?

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All the Light We Cannot See

You have probably seen the cover of this book everywhere. It was all over Pinterest for more than a minute and was named one of The New York Times’ 10 Best Books of 2014.

All the Light We Cannot See.png

A couple weeks ago we wrote on The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and how that story of two sisters kept us crying for days as we flew through the pages.

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr should be the next book you read.

The story follows orphan Werner as he studies at a school for the Hilter Youth, and Marie-Laure, a blind girl being raised by her father.

It jumps back and forth in time, so that readers learn how these characters came to find themselves in the disaster that is France in 1944.

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Shake It Up

I adore food. Just in case that wasn’t clear already.

And as much as I love repeating favorite recipes, getting bored with food is a real struggle.

But trying to shake up your grocery routine can get expensive. Trying new recipes from scratch may require a pantry upheaval that we are just not prepared to pay for.

Read on to learn a few ways to shake up your weekly eating routine on a budget.


Shake up your proteins

I am a huge seafood fan. I could eat shrimp pasta, fish tacos, and fried octopus every week.

However, this is not good for your diet. Because, eventually, you will get sick of it. And then what?

When you find your diet in a rut, shake up the hero of the meal — the protein.

Try cooking with a new meat that you don’t usually use.

Making tacos? Try turkey meat instead of beef!

Making sandwiches? Try prosciutto with your ham.

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Treat Yo Self [On a Budget]

We are princesses. But we are on a budget here.

However, that is no reason that we shouldn’t be able to treat ourselves often.

Read on for the best ways to treat yourself this week like the royalty you are but still be able to afford groceries this week.

Spa on a Budget.png


Cheap manicure

There is just something about a beautiful set of nails. They can easily make you feel graceful and elegant even while you are slugging the 9-to-5.

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Son of a Beach

Spring is officially here! And that means that warmer weather and hot summer days are just around the corner. If you are in the South or Hawaii, you are probably already experiencing beach-worthy weather.

Here is Jacksonville, we are enjoying delightfully warm 80-something days with still-frigid ocean water.

Last week was our first beach trip of the season. It was a warm and gorgeous day, but whilst reading Philippa Gregory novels from a beach chair I was struck with how much I didn’t want to make the walk back to the car.

Although there were only two of us enjoying the beach day (along with all of the FSU beach bros on Spring Break, debating the merits of various protein powders while they played beach beer pong, sipping *lemonade* out of neon yellow Solo cups), we were rocking the beach equipment of a family of six:

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