3 Strategies to Beat the Workday Blues

The Sunday Dusk Blues are a real thing around my house. Ever since elementary school, Sundays have been a stressful time for me. I was really sick as a kid and I can remember the sheer joy of Friday evenings, of not having to worry about school for two whole days. And then Saturday would be fun, yeah, okay, we are still good. And then come 4 p.m. Sunday — stress and sadness. In my last year of college, Sunday meant either leaving my long-distance boyfriend or him leaving me to go home. My first job after college (that lasted for a whole twelve days), the two Sunday evenings I experienced were devastatingly depressing because I really did not want to go to my job.

Now I live in the same city as my boyfriend and my sister-best-friend. I love my job. I spend my days laughing with my friends and writing fun things and editing and doing things I love, only to go home to my soulmate and our two dogs.

I apologize for the saga. I usually try to keep our posts light and fluffy and fun. But I realize that, even though I can recognize my patterns for Sunday night stress, they are not unique to me. So many people I know get kinda bluesy on Sunday nights.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

Valentine’s Day takes a lot of heat. Either people hate it (commercialism, Hallmark holiday, National Singles Awareness Day) or they love it enough to make those of us on the Valentine’s day fence hate it as well (don’t post an Insta of the five dozen roses you got. We know you are in a relationship. You post how much you love each other every day. Those roses are for you, not us. Keep them to yourself).

Wherever you fall on the spectrum, let’s make this Valentine’s excellent.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love. And, I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but more love in this world is something worth celebrating, no matter what your relationship status is.

To get us in the mood for kind thoughts and self-love attitudes this weekend, today we are going to look at some perfectly lovely words said by perfectly lovely people.

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Happy Thursday! Thanks for another edition of “What on God’s green Earth … ?,” otherwise known as “Throwback Thursday.”

In the past few weeks we have addressed the horrors of make-up past, 90s denim nightmares that have since been syndicated, and purses that required their own theme songs. And yet none of these fashion woes have left me as horrifying speechless as this week’s #tbt pick.

Terrifying Mini Me

For the sake of being as kind as possible, I have cropped out this poor woman’s face.

No, this is not an ad for what can go wrong when you incorrectly use the dryer.

No, this is not a castoff photo from American Girl magazine.

No, this is not an ad for matching shirts for the whole family.

This is a shirt that was exceedingly popular in the late nineties. The appeal was … wait for it … when it wasn’t on your body, it was the size of a large social studies textbook.

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4 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

This is a whirlwind season for us. We are getting ready for Project Vegas and Coterie and getting all your favorite brands in your favorite stores by spring.

We all know what this means! Lots of lovely travel.

Traveling can be a, delightful, holding-your-floppy-sunhat-to-your-head, laughing into the camera with your big sunglasses perched on your nose, hot Starbucks in your hand, kind of adventure. Or it can be the special kind of nightmare that finds you licking the corners of a crumpled Bugles bag before you drive another five hours with an amazing caffeine headache because you can’t afford to stop a million times to use the bathroom if you grab a latte.

We pick Door Number One, please.

The key to a successful travel story is the same thing that makes a successful brain surgery – prep and experience. It is the same thing. We watch Grey’s Anatomy. Trust us.

So whatever your travel schedule looks like as we make our vacation plans for the year, read on to learn four quick tips for improving how you move from Point A to Point B.


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It’s Practically a Salad

Fruit gummies shaped like little baby grape clusters and oranges? Practically a fruit medley.

A margarita with an orange garnish? Practically a juice cleanse.

And a batch of gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free breaded shrimp? Practically a salad.

I’m not a food scientist and I haven’t done the exact calorie calculations on this, but my rough math suggests that this recipe is the nutritional equivalent of an avocado.



Eating gluten-free can make it challenging to eat a lot of foods you can crunch your teeth into. It’s a lot of potatoes and a lot of rice and, in general, a lot of soft-ish foods.

From what I understand of my observations of normal human eating, breaded things are very popular. Gluten eaters will fry just about anything. Oreos. Onion rings. Mozzarella. The madness never ends.

I am not even going to waste either of our time going into why we try to fry everything. Spoiler alert: it is so delicious it makes you forget for a minute that you have to put on a pair of jeans tomorrow and may want to maintain some semblance of self-control so you are not forced to trot through your weekend wearing a pair of holey “I (heart in the shape of a mouse head) Disney World” grey sweatpants.

Whew. The post-fried-food pants shuffle is a real struggle.

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3 Ways to Be Awesome and Save Money

Suze Orman will never have me on her show to give financial advice to others. In fact, the only context in which I can imagine Suze and I speaking would be her talk-yelling at me as she examined my latest bank statement.

I am still working out how to be a working person with bills and expenses and my god groceries cost how much?

The cost of feeding myself continues to catch me by surprise.

Each Monday is a chance to have a wonderful week and, on this particular week, our goal is to be financially savvy.

Join us as we attempt to be money-wise this week. We are just trying to be good adults.


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Comma Splice THIS

No matter what your current job — where it be organic cat groomer or deflated college student — at some point, you will find that you need to write something. And that it needs to be good.

Resumes, emails to your boss begging to get a few days off in April so you can go to the Tortuga Music Festival, angry letters to Pixar demanding more frequent movie releases, a thank-you note to your cousin for the multi-colored punch bowl they mailed to you (on accident, you think), crafting the perfect text to send to your interest that strikes just the right tone. Writing touches our lives in more ways than we give it credit for.

While some people would love nothing more than to curl up with a gorgeous Italian leather journal and jot the afternoon away by recording their beautiful thoughts on the toned pages, others would rather swim across a gator-infested lake than sit down at the kitchen table and address the envelopes for their Christmas cards.

Wherever you fall on this spectrum, it is important that you be able to write well. Even if you hate doing it.


Below are three very simple tips that anyone can use to make their writing as crisp and clean (and pain free) as possible.

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Thursday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. What is better for the soul than, right before the weekend, taking a hard-hitting look at what ridiculous fools we were in our youth.

Thank goodness we have a safe place to air out our past fashion grievances. There is strength in numbers and in knowing that you were not the only human who once wore tragically crooked press-on French nails to a Chinese buffet with your parents in middle school.

Or the only sixth grader who thought it was super cute to wear my father’s oversized sweatshirts over my too-tight jeans. My middle school logic was that if you couldn’t see my muffin top, I could still pull off, “This fits, I swear!”

And yet, nothing made this adorable, I’m-a-washed-up-forty-year-old-chainsmoker-stuck-in-the-body-of-an-eleven-year-old look more complete than decorated flip flops.

That’s right.

Decorated flip flops.

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The Nightingale is Here. Bring Tissues.

Nothing makes devoted readers happier than sharing a wonderful book find with others. If you are looking for your next bubble-bath-on-a-Sunday, I’ve-got-a-long-car-trip-this-weekend, I’m-Netflixed-out book, this is it.


If you’ve never read a Kristin Hannah book, may I recommend that you start. She is one of the best writers I have encountered who is able to write with conviction and strength about the many layers that make up female friendships.

I tripped into my first Hannah book, Firefly Lane, due to a random Amazon “give me a good book to read” search.

It was one of the first books I remember reading that didn’t have a good girl and a bad girl — it just had girls. Who grew into women. Together. It was so refreshing to experience the pain that a friend can cause, even though neither is the villain.

In literature, it is very easy to find dynamic female relationships in which there is clearly a “better” woman. Even as you’re reading Gone with the Wind and you are loving Scarlett’s spit and fire, you are fully aware that Melanie Hamilton is the model we are supposed to strive for. The perfect, kind, soft woman.

And, yet, there is no such thing as a better woman. Beyoncé says it best.

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The Muggle (and Adult) Version of Butterbeer

We do not mean to beat a dead horse but getting through the winter can be a dreary business. Especially if you live somewhere legitimately cold (I imagine).

And I don’t know how y’all are doing at keeping your heads above water but over here at 810 Showroom, we are swimming as fast as we can. Our team is gearing up for Project Vegas, preparing for Coterie in NYC in a few weeks, all of our reps are killing it trying to get your favorite lines in your local stores, and the writing team is tweaking our editorial calendar to bring you the best content possible.

If this time of year is equally crazy for you, we feel you. Hang in there.

One of the best ways to plow through an insane day is to know that a relaxing evening is in store for you once you get home. Whatever “relaxing” means to you — whether it’s chain-watching “Sister Wives” or checking the stats on your “Full House” fan fiction — do what you can to make sure you have time to do these things once your time at work is finished for the day.

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