Rice Me

With our traveling schedule being what it is, groceries are not where we want to splurge on this week. Instead, we would much rather pinch some pennies so we can buy some gorgeous Coterie pieces. But a girl’s gotta eat!

Just like our meals this week, this post is gonna be short and sweet and easy.

The easiest way to make meals out of virtually nothing is to rice it.

Of course, we all know that some instant white or brown rice with some chicken or fish makes for a quick, basically healthy meal.

This week, if you are as strapped for time as we are, pick up some Arborio and/or sushi rice at the grocery store.

They last for ages and allow you to make meals on the fly when you don’t have the time or funds to have an exorbitant grocery list.



You fancy

Arborio rice is risotto. You know when you are watching “Master Chef Junior” and seven-year-olds are making almond risotto — that’s what they are using. Arborio rice. It is also gluten-free, which is necessary for me and an added bonus for others.

Tonight, there are dust bunnies in my pantry. But the plan is to cook a big batch of Arborio rice, add some blended almonds, white wine, and lemon zest and call it a meal.

Rice can take a beating so you can basically add whatever ingredients you have around. Which is nice. Cause we don’t have the time this week.


Chopsticks, anyone?

Sushi rice is also fantastic for fast, easy meals.

If you have some rice vinegar, even better.

Make sure to follow the ingredients closely when making sushi rice.

Once it is made, I usually like to cook some spinach leaves and then just add a protein. Fish, shrimp, chicken. All delicious.

Scoop that rice into a bowl with an ice cream scoop, top with veggies and protein, and enjoy!


As we have pronounced numerous times on the blog, being an adult and cooking for yourself can be a monster. On weeks where showers have to be planned because we are so strapped for time, a quick, throw-together meal is much appreciated. Have different kinds of rice on hand for emergencies such as these.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com

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