How to Do It All and Still Have Time to Netflix

We are all busy people. Trying to go to the gym and eat healthy whilst balancing school and work during which maintaining a social life and staying abreast of the latest New York Times bestseller fiction work but making time to catch up on “Grey’s Anatomy” oh but wait it’s time to check in with the family.


If your planners look anything like ours, the days are full of more things to-do than lines to put them on.

Trying to do it all and look cute can be exhausting. We are here to help.

There is no reason why you can’t be the superwoman of your own life. It just takes a few secret tricks and tips.



Schedule Yourself to Awesome

This is the most obvious, yet underutilized, resource there is for being a scheduling rockstar.

Planning out your days will force you to cut what isn’t really important to you and make time for the things that really are.

Seeing your schedule laid out in writing is also helpful for giving you a visual for what things your schedule is lacking.

Nothing on the books past six o’clock all week? Plan for a quick happy hour after work on Thursday.

Spin class every morning at five a.m.? Maybe Wednesday would be a good night for an evening yoga class.

Having your days planned out in writing may seem too structured and strict for some but it truly is the key to having a balanced week.

*Make sure you plan in some downtime. It is all well and good to knock out a million projects a week but it is just as important to not skip your Sunday morning bubble bath or your Glee Netflix marathon on Friday night.*


Just Say “No”

It applies to drugs, when a waiter asks you if you would like to hear the salad options, and to an overbooked week.

You only have so many hours a week. Make sure you are spending your weeks the way you want to.

Of course, you may not be itching to write a five-page report on the merits of the Panopticon, but sometimes we do have to do things we would rather not.

However, this is a limit to this. Women are notorious for taking on more than their fair share in the name of being a good team player. Know your schedule and know your limits. Don’t take on more than you can reasonably do and stay sane.

If a co-worker asks you to take on a project that you don’t have time for, you are allowed to say “no.”

If a friend invites you out for drinks but you really don’t want to go because you would rather do nothing, you are allowed to say “no.”

If you are planning on going to yoga and your brother needs your help on his homework assignment, you are allowed to tell him to wait.

You are your own schedule keeper. Be kind to yourself and your schedule.

If you wouldn’t ask your best friend to cancel her dinner plans to work late on a volunteer project, don’t ask yourself to.


Breathe In, Breathe Out

A crazy busy life should be enjoyable and fun, not stressful and exhausting.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are overwhelmed by your life and your schedule, change it.

Cut some things out. Get a new job. Don’t adopt any more cats.

Your life is your own to make of it what you will. And you only get one. We know it’s clique and annoying, but it is so true.

Life should be a privilege to live. If it’s not, change it.

My entire life I knew I wanted to be a teacher. There was never any question in my mind. Then I started teaching and it wasn’t for me. At all. I dreaded my days.

Changing life paths can be scary and unnerving but don’t let what you think your life should look like dictate how it is.


Here’s to a marvelous weekend. Our team is traveling all over this next week so be patient with us! If the blog posts are shorter, it’s not because we don’t love you. We do. You are the sugar in our lemonade, the creamer in our coffee, the tequila in our margaritas.


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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