Cause We’re Hungry But Lazy

Some days we want to tie on a crisp apron, zest a lemon into our stainless steel mixing bowl, and, with our hair tossed messily (but full of grace) onto the tops of our head, we beautifully and lightly season a light pink salmon filet to gently grill.

Other days we suck marshmallows out of the plastic bag while our hair hangs lankly over our faces.

It’s all about balance.

The name of the game this week is easy and fast dinners that leave us feeling like reasonable adults who eat meals at tables, while requiring only minimal effort.

Below are three of the easiest weeknight dinners for busy people like yourself.




Breakfast for dinner is easily the best meal to throw together on the fly. And its endless combinations allow for you to scrounge around to find ingredients you already have.

Some sort of breakfast meat, some toast or waffles, fruit, grits, and eggs (with ham and cheese, if you’re feeling fancy). This is the kind of meal that doesn’t require a ton of effort to generate a lot of food to eat.

If you are desperate for a hearty, mindless meal, breakfast for dinner it is!



Again — minimal effort for a delicious meal required.

Tacos generally require a trip to the grocery store but it is usually a cheap trip, considering the amount of food you get.

Some ground turkey, a package of shells, some cheese, a tomato, and lettuce. You’re in business.

If you are feeling super fancy with your laziness, whip up a batch of margaritas and some homemade tortilla chips.



In case you haven’t noticed by now, the name of the game is “we just want delicious food and we want it now.”

All you need is some bacon, lettuce, tomato, and two slices of bread. I am ever the food glutton and therefore love a good heaping of vegan mayo on my BLTs. Ya know — to be healthy.

And to be extra health-conscious with this incredible sandwich, I love to make a batch of tater tots. Because I love the suspense of praying for my jeans to fit every morning.


Cooking dinner can be a chore if your heart is just not in it. These meals, while not the most gourmet or glamorous, are sure to keep you full and happy until you feel like being a apron-donning chef again.


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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