3 Strategies to Beat the Workday Blues

The Sunday Dusk Blues are a real thing around my house. Ever since elementary school, Sundays have been a stressful time for me. I was really sick as a kid and I can remember the sheer joy of Friday evenings, of not having to worry about school for two whole days. And then Saturday would be fun, yeah, okay, we are still good. And then come 4 p.m. Sunday — stress and sadness. In my last year of college, Sunday meant either leaving my long-distance boyfriend or him leaving me to go home. My first job after college (that lasted for a whole twelve days), the two Sunday evenings I experienced were devastatingly depressing because I really did not want to go to my job.

Now I live in the same city as my boyfriend and my sister-best-friend. I love my job. I spend my days laughing with my friends and writing fun things and editing and doing things I love, only to go home to my soulmate and our two dogs.

I apologize for the saga. I usually try to keep our posts light and fluffy and fun. But I realize that, even though I can recognize my patterns for Sunday night stress, they are not unique to me. So many people I know get kinda bluesy on Sunday nights.


This is not going to be a rant about how we need to stop living for the weekends and make our weeknights fun and wahoo! Life is short!

We all know this already.

Instead, let’s focus on steps we can take to shake the Monday morning blues, the blues that have us thinking that a whole five days of work is an impossible feat.


Something home-y

When I am so not in the mood to leave my home, the best thing to make the workday blues not so heavy is to listen to familiar, home-y music to get me through my morning.

If you are able to listen to music at your job, this is the best way to buoy your mood. Whether it’s Disney classics, 90’s pop, show tunes – whatever music makes you feel like you’re seven-years-old and everything is so exciting.

It’s silly and it’s fun and it’s easy and that’s why it works (I am currently blasting “Let It Go” through my earbuds so I know what I’m talking about).


Something short

Workday blues can make the day feel overwhelmingly long.

These people expect me stay until 5:30? But … I got here in the morning-time! *tears stream quietly down face*

When the workday feels like it will last forever and the end of the day seems impossibly far away, breaking the day up into hour-by-hour increments is very helpful.

Break your day into absolutely-manageable, short spurts of time so that by the time to leave rolls around, it is not as dramatic.


Something fun

This kinda goes against our promise to not spout “don’t live for the weekend” silliness, but not so much that I feel bad typing it out.

Having something to look forward to when your day is done makes such a difference. If you can avoid boring, necessary appointments on a Monday, you absolutely should.

Never schedule your oil to be changed immediately after work Monday. (But don’t avoid getting your oil changed. That is important. Just do it on Sunday.)

I read somewhere that, to have a great workweek, you should never schedule meetings or interviews on a Monday. Instead, Mondays should be used to catch-up and take a breath and get yourself all organized for the week.

My schedule, probably like most of y’all, is not always my own. I have meetings every Monday that I have to go to. But, I try to keep the rest of the day as light as possible to get myself super organized for the week ahead.

If you have more control over your Mondays, try to minimize meetings and interviews. Those are best tackled Tuesday-Friday.

This mentality should apply to your post-workday evening as well. Monday nights should be spent getting yourself ready for the week. Whatever that means for you.

For me, that means weekend leftovers and catching up on the DVR. I am lame enough that an evening spent on the couch with my person is exactly how I want to spend my Monday nights.

Do what makes you feel at peace, whatever that means. Get your soul and mind ready for the week by doing something that makes you excited to go home.


The Sunday blues are real. But we are stronger than they are. Let’s rock this week.


Let us know how you beat the workday blues.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com

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