4 Tips for Stress-Free Travel

This is a whirlwind season for us. We are getting ready for Project Vegas and Coterie and getting all your favorite brands in your favorite stores by spring.

We all know what this means! Lots of lovely travel.

Traveling can be a, delightful, holding-your-floppy-sunhat-to-your-head, laughing into the camera with your big sunglasses perched on your nose, hot Starbucks in your hand, kind of adventure. Or it can be the special kind of nightmare that finds you licking the corners of a crumpled Bugles bag before you drive another five hours with an amazing caffeine headache because you can’t afford to stop a million times to use the bathroom if you grab a latte.

We pick Door Number One, please.

The key to a successful travel story is the same thing that makes a successful brain surgery – prep and experience. It is the same thing. We watch Grey’s Anatomy. Trust us.

So whatever your travel schedule looks like as we make our vacation plans for the year, read on to learn four quick tips for improving how you move from Point A to Point B.



  1. Clean clothes

If you have your travel schedule ahead of time and your trip is not a frantic montage of you throwing clothes into a suitcase like you are on the set of The Parent Trap and have to get back to the London house first because you are not letting Elizabeth James get away again — laundry.

Plan to do a full laundry overhaul a good three days before your trip. This gives you a day to get it all done and folded with time to spare.

Take the time to plan all of your outfits (complete with jewelry, shoes, and appropriate socks/undies) before you actually pack. Not only will this reduce the wasted space that usually accompanies just throwing random clothes in a bag, but it will also make getting dressed so much less stressful whenever you get to where you’re going.

Do the heavy lifting on this side of your trip so that your vacation/work trip can be spent stepping into already picked-out cute outfits.


  1. Clean face

I never have trouble remembering to pack all four of my favorite mascaras or seven different shades of red because I can’t predict my vacation mood. The tricky part is remembering to pack things to take off these travel essentials.

The easiest thing I have found when traveling is to pack face wipes designed to take off all make-up and a mini container of cold cream to get whatever the wipes misses.

If you are feeling especially prepared and ready to earn your travel Girl Scout badge, pack your own washcloth. A few times I have found myself with mascara smeared to my hairline and water dripping off my face in rivers with no hotel washcloth. Try cleaning up that soppy mess with the less-than-one-ply hotel toilet paper. This is not Cottonelle, people.

Remembering your own containers of shampoo and conditioner will also contribute to your feeling beautiful and clean whilst traveling.


  1. Clean belly

My old traveling attitude when it came to food was, “Ah! Let’s not worry about it now. I’ll let future travel me deal with that problem.”

Cut to me six hours later taking deep breaths and praying for patience because the only food option available is a mini-pack of Stride gum.

Set yourself up for success and pack food that makes you feel good. Nothing makes a travel day longer than being hungry or filled with junk food. Bananas travel well, as do bags of trail mix. Whatever your healthy go-to snack is at home, try to replicate this for the road and pack as though finding food will be a struggle.

If it’s not, all the better! You have extra snacks. But if it turns out that the food game is struggling, you and your attitude will be grateful you packed provisions.


  1. Clear mind

Just like it’s important to take care of your skin and body while on the road, make sure you are giving your mind the same pampered treatment.

When I travel, I love to pack an old favorite book that I’m excited to re-read. Or an iPad bursting with the Netflix app, waiting to be devoured.

Nothing can wear you down faster on a trip, especially a long one, than being mentally exhausted. Treat your mind kindly and plan for some downtime to decompress.


Comment below to tell us how you travel wisely and kindly.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com

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