The Muggle (and Adult) Version of Butterbeer

We do not mean to beat a dead horse but getting through the winter can be a dreary business. Especially if you live somewhere legitimately cold (I imagine).

And I don’t know how y’all are doing at keeping your heads above water but over here at 810 Showroom, we are swimming as fast as we can. Our team is gearing up for Project Vegas, preparing for Coterie in NYC in a few weeks, all of our reps are killing it trying to get your favorite lines in your local stores, and the writing team is tweaking our editorial calendar to bring you the best content possible.

If this time of year is equally crazy for you, we feel you. Hang in there.

One of the best ways to plow through an insane day is to know that a relaxing evening is in store for you once you get home. Whatever “relaxing” means to you — whether it’s chain-watching “Sister Wives” or checking the stats on your “Full House” fan fiction — do what you can to make sure you have time to do these things once your time at work is finished for the day.

And while you’re doing whatever it is you do, treat yo self to the equivalent of an adult Butterbeer. This is otherwise known as Adult Hot Chocolate.

Adult Hot Chocolate.png

Now, we are true Harry Potter fans. We are aware that Butterbeer was an appropriate beverage for school-aged preteens. However, we are working for the effects of Butterbeer – feeling warm and fuzzy and cuddly and like the prettiest snowflower at the Winter Fest Ball.

Tonight when you go home, make some hot chocolate using the mix/method of your choice, than add a healthy shot of Sailor Jerry’s rum. If you are really feeling crazy, add those marshmallows. Now it is time to pull out your Christmas pjs, watch a Disney movie, and pretend that Wednesday is far, far away.

If rum is not really your style, Kahlúa will work just as well.

Whatever warm drink you choose to enjoy, make sure you really take a moment to sink into enjoying it.

With work always surrounding us thanks to the wonder that is smartphones, make sure that when you are trying to grab a few moments of peace that you take the time to turn your phone over and ignore all notifications for at least half an hour.

Do not do this if you have a sister who is a day from going into labor or you are an on-call volunteer firefighter.

But, for the rest of us, tonight when you go home, step away from the iPhones, iPads, and whatever Samsung is making these days, curl up with a hot cup of Muggle, adult Butterbeer, and enjoy a few minutes of peace.


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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