Stay Sunny

Winter has come. It is here.

And we are spoiled. A few of us on the 810 Showroom team live here in Jacksonville, FL. Us Florida babies are devastated by the forty degree, chilly days we are being forced to endure.

It can be hard to be super cheery in the cold when you thrive in the warm.

This Monday, read on to learn how we are trying to stay positive when this blistering cold keeps trying to beat us down.


Tea please!

I want to like tea so badly. I think I am just the kind of person who should love tea. I adore cozy sweaters. Books are my favorite thing. Fireplaces? I’m down! But, try as I might, I cannot get myself ramped up for a cup of tea.

But, if you are the kind of human who does love tea, tea (I’m sure) greatly helps fight the winter weather.

I am a coffee girl myself so I have been depending on my morning cup to warm me up on the commute to work.

Keep some warm beverages on hand this season to stay warm and cozy!

stay sunny

Dress like you mean it.

Because I live in Florida, it is much harder down here to always dress for the weather. I am sure Northern gals are a bit more cognizant of constantly dressing for the horrific winter weather they endure but us Southern girls forget.

The mentality, “Oh, I’ll be fine! I’m just going outside for a minute!” is not a good one to have. It is always colder than you think and it is always harder to get warm than you remember.

Be kind to your body and dress it for the weather you live in. And, if you live in a crazy state like Georgia that likes to dramatically shift the temperature on you, be sure to have outfit options to fit the weather you find yourself in.


Smiling helps!

The most helpful way to stay sunny on the outside is to be so on the inside. It can be so easy to fall into seasonal depression when it gets cloudy and chilly and just mushy in general outside.

Make sure your attitude doesn’t match the weather outside.

Do whatever it takes to be the best, most kind you that you can be. Whether that means daily gym trips to get your blood moving, twenty minutes of reading a book you’re obsessed with, or taking a coffee break with friends who keep you laughing, do your best to keep your schedule full of fun things.


Share with us the way you are keeping your spirits up in this dreary winter weather!


Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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