5:00 — Solve World Hunger (Tell No One)

Work. Classes. Family. Friends. Watching “Friends.” Again. Buzzfeed quizzes. Being behind the rest of the world on our “Making a Murderer” viewing.

We are all busy people.

I don’t know about y’all but this week has been insanity. And not in a good way where I’m juggling my coffee and looking cute and making nice conversation with strangers. In the, last night’s dinner was a tray of still half-frozen French fries, still on the cookie sheet, dipped in vegan mayo whilst re-starting “Glee” on Netflix at 10 p.m.

I do not say this with pride. I know it speaks to what a disaster of a human I currently am. This busy-ness is legit and, looking forward to next week, I am taking steps to help myself keep my head above water.

Read on to learn how we can get ready for next week’s madness and not hysterically cry on the floor, listening to “Hello” on repeat because we are still not over it while eating vanilla wafers.



Write a to-do list

I know you have seen this advice before. It is nothing groundbreaking.

But what is groundbreaking is being diligent about keeping track of what you need to get done in a day/week/month.

Whether your Emily Ley day planner, iPhone, or the back of your hand – keeping a list of what next week has in store brings incredible clarity to your Monday morning.

I don’t know about y’all but my Monday mornings are the most insane part of my week. Meetings and emails and newsletter sends and catching up with all the humans who work around me. It’s a lot.

One of the items on my Friday to-do list is to get my Monday list in order. This helps me know that when I come in Monday still mourning the weekend, my planner does all the heavy lifting for me. All I have to do is go through it and cross things off.


Set realistic expectations

This last Monday was insanity. On Sunday afternoon I started stressing about the blog posts I needed to write, the posts by other humans I needed to edit, the newsletter that needed to be sent out, my three meetings, the 50 page brochure that needed to be edited for work and the YA novel I am editing for a brilliant new author.

This is madness.

And no way to start your week.

If your job requires you to start stressing over the weekend about what your Monday is going to hold, I understand.

What works best for me is to write out an hour-by-hour plan of attack. A reasonable hour-by-hour attack. If it takes you 45 minutes to properly fill out an expense report or read a chapter in your Chemistry book, don’t give yourself 30 minutes because you are busy and you need to rush through it.

Again, this doesn’t help put us in a peaceful frame of mind to kill our week.

Instead, give yourself an hour.

This is all about priorities. Determine what needs to get done and what should get done. If something can be pushed to a less hectic Tuesday, do it then.

Make sure when you leave work today, you know what you expect to be able to get done (realistically) on Monday.


Give yourself breaks (with snacks!) (always with snacks)

Snacks are always the key. I will not even elaborate on this because I assume that all 810 Showroom readers are reasonable humans and reasonable humans adore snacks.

When my to-do list runs off the page and makes me want to go screaming back to bed, I am a big believer in short breaks. It helps your heart.

What I like to do is take three Buzzfeed quizzes after I finish a task. That gives me a moment to both learn whether I’m more Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio and get a mental break.

So go grocery shopping sometime this weekend and make sure that you are buying yourself real food (and a Monday dessert) so that you can approach Monday well-fed and ready to tackle work well-nourished.


Here’s to as peaceful a week as we can get! Enjoy your weekend, 810ers.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com



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