Introverts of the World, Unite!

After coming home from a long day of work, it can take a lot of willpower to gather up the resolve and courage to put your bra back on and go out into the world to be a human again.

It is much easier to reheat that big bowl of leftover pasta and rest it on your belly while watching the 12 episodes of “Shark Tank” your DVR has recorded over the weekend.

Coming home after work and vegging out is nice until a week passes and then another week passes and then you’re 97 and you’ve watched all the Netflix things but so what?

trick yo self

For some people, being a social human is as natural as eating chocolate cake with lunch. For the rest of us who would rather be at home devouring Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale (which is just as good as Pinterest suggests), it takes a little more incentive to put down the tea and be a person.

Here are a few things that I have found help encourage me to be a social butterfly, which (like it or not) is so good for the soul.


Fo free?

I have found that it is so much easier for me to doing something social if it doesn’t take away from my sushi-eating money.

Finding free things to do can be a challenge if you don’t live in an area with a lot of nightlife. Or people, in general.

Something I love is book club with a girlfriend. We pick a book together and, every Tuesday after work, we meet for coffee or wine and gossip and chat about the book. A social buddy serves the same purpose as a gym buddy – they keep you accountable. Even on days when I am counting down the minutes until I can slide into my sweatpants, I can’t bow out of book club just because. When another person has cleared their schedule for a joint commitment, it is easier to stay onboard the social train.

There are tons of things that can get you out of your house and out on the town. Look and see if your area has any amateur comedy nights. These are always wonderful. Or wonderfully awkward. Either way, you will be glad you left your Netflix cocoon. Trivia nights frighten me because they seem to be some sort of subculture I am not involved in but try one out and let me know how it goes! What do I need to bring? Is it as terrifying as it looks? Details, please.

It is much easier to go do something fun after work when you know that that something is not going to leave your grocery money looking wimpy next week.


Fo cheap?

Businesses want us to leave our homes just as much as we would rather stay in. Just look around and you will see that there are food deals luring on most of your favorite menus.

Food is like the king of incentives. Trick yourself off your couch with dessert at a bakery with a Tuesday BOGO special. Or look for when your favorite restaurant features their best weeknight happy hour.

These things will not only help you leave the house but make you feel good about doing so by filling your spirit and belly with chocolate, margaritas, and discounts.

Some movie theatres also offer weeknight discounts so check those out as well.


Fo TV-free?

Sometimes actually leaving the house is not an option. Either you have a baby or a work project due or a soufflé in the oven. Whatever the reason, on nights when you must stay within the four walls you call your home, having a TV-free night can be so good for the soul.

Whether you entertain yourself with a book or a bath or a walk, it is good for the soul to have a quiet night every once in awhile. It refreshes the brain.

So on those nights when you want to shake up your pasta leftovers and “Dance Moms” routine but need to stay in, try leaving the TV off for the duration of the evening and treating yourself in that way.


Comment below to let us know how you bribe yourself into leaving the house after a long day of work!


Written by Shelby Dorsey,


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