3 Ways to Make Your Winter Monday Not So Dreadfully Horrible

We survived the most epic storm of the season so far.

And by “survived,” I mean it was windy and colder than we prefer here in Jacksonville, FL, but we still went about our lives like the brave souls we are. However, I know that the rest of the country had some legitimately ugly weather. I hope everyone had a snuggly, cuddly weekend, and was inside during the winter weather.

Mondays are always rough. But the Mondays after a weekend spent under quilts in the coziest of pajamas, sipping coffee and finally catching up on “Making a Murderer”? These Mondays are the worst.

So today is all about getting us mentally prepared to kill this week at work. It is our goal to be graceful and kind as we kick ass and take names. Let’s go.

Oh how I love todays.png

  1. Wear something comfy but beautiful.

Last week, I had a day where I stepped sleepily into my dark closet, prayed for the best, grabbed some items, made sure that they were comfortable (my only criteria), and went on my merry little way.

This is all well and good until that moment I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror at work and noticed that I looked like a twelve-year-old who had given up. Jeans that looked too tight (and they might be. We might be carrying around some Christmas weight still. Leave us alone. We know.) and a sweater that kindly suggested a triplet pregnancy. Combined with the lovely limp hair-do I was rocking with uneven eyeliner, I realized that I was going through this work day in the most horribly awkward outfit possible.

I am lucky enough to work in a casual office. No one blinks if flip flops and t-shirts appear. And yet, “casual” is not the same thing as “utterly hopeless.”

I looked like the “Before” footage on a painfully unfortunate episode of “What Not To Wear,” circa 2007.

Once I realized how uncomfortable I looked in my clothing, I was in a state of discomfort all day.

You are a gorgeous, majestic seahorse. And I am too.

Life is too short and we have too much work today to not look the part.

When I dress well, I feel confident and approach my work day with that mentality.

This week, as I (against my will) separate myself from my couch and am forced to head back into the workplace, I am planning accordingly.

There will be no tuxedos or shoulder pads gracing the body of this professional lady. I can look amazing and still be comfortable. I am setting myself up for success by dressing for this cold weather in jeans that make me feel cute and sweaters that make me feel at home.

It’s okay to be comfortable, but make sure that you still feel lovely. Because when you feel lovely, you act lovely and think lovely thoughts and have lovely days.


  1. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

In ninth grade, Señora told all of us intimidated, self-conscious, awkward American students that, when approaching something as overwhelming as learning a new language, it is important to remember, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

This saying may have stuck with me because, like most reasonable humans, I am obsessed with elephants. They are perfect. They are intelligent. They are compassionate. They are adorable. If you believe that any other animal is better than an elephant, now is a moment that calls for some serious self-evaluation.

Moving forward – that is how I am approaching this week that already seems to be intimidatingly long.

How am I going to get through this wonderful week? One beautiful day at a time!

My weekly to-do list already makes me want to cry. I have four Monday meetings. Dinner tonight is leftovers.

All of these tragedies call for not only some perspective but also some grace.

When you are approaching a stressful week, the best thing to do is eat it one bite at a time. Or take it one day (or hour) at a time. Hang in there! These days are going to fly by faster than we can imagine!


  1. Do what ya gotta do.

Your boss needs a report you haven’t started. Your co-worker has a weird cough. Someone used the last of your dressing in the company kitchen. You are a champion who is going through this life as a warrior. We all admire you.

Even on a day when you look into your color-coded planner and want to cry because you have more things to do than you have highlighter pens to cross them off with, it is so important to take a second.

This is so much easier said than done. I am the worst about coming back from lunch and doing everything I can to not move out of my desk for the next six hours in an attempt to knock out as much work as possible.

As productive as this feels, there is definitely a better way.

Something as simple as doing a lap around the office building does so much toward pushing your “refresh” button.

The best work I do is done when I am feeling good mentally. As hard as that can be to achieve on a cold, cloudy Monday, it is much easier when I have sporadic breaks.

Whether you go for a short walk, grab a snack, or even goof around on Buzzfeed for a minute, give yourself a mental break so that your day isn’t one long nightmare of trying to cross things off your to-do list as quickly as possible.


We only get one life to live, so let’s live it well. Work is necessary and important and definitely sometimes a drag. Even if getting to work today was a struggle, make sure that you help yourself have a wonderful week. See y’all tomorrow!


Please comment below for tips on how you get yourself in a good head space to attack the week. We’d love to learn how you do it!

Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com

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