You Go, DJ Tanner

Here we are – another #tbt, where we can examine our life choices in a safe and secure way. Because, as someone wise once said, “If we do not look at the horrible decisions of our past wardrobes, we are bound to repeat history.” I’m paraphrasing but you get the gist.

It can be horrifying to look at pictures from our youth and have to think to ourselves, “Why was a stretchy shirt that could shrink to fit a doll a good idea? What was the deal with scrunchies? Why were my flip-flops made of gel?”

And then we watch 90’s re-runs and realize that we were not the only snaggle-toothed little girl, running around like a drunken Darla, shaking Pop Rocks instead of clown fish.


This might as well have been my fourth grade school picture. What a delightful and beautiful sunflower of a child I was.

But I digress.

It is important to examine the horrors of trends past so that we can move on and grow. And this week, while I am counting down the days until Fuller House premieres on Netflix, I am forced to examine DJ, one of our favorite 90s chicks.

As most of us know, Fuller House will follow DJ raising her boys versus Danny raising his girls. And we love DJ! Who doesn’t? Her hair doesn’t quit and it only took her two days of bad make-up before she turned her life around (unlike the four years it took most of us).

And yet – I have to wonder what kind of sick, twisted universe would lead us all to believe that this is okay.


DJ Tanner! You are adorable and you dated one of the dreamiest boys of 1990s television. However, you yourself fell victim to the trends of the time.

The thing about a timeless show like Full House is that we have enjoyed its re-runs for years, reliving the horrible denim choices of two decades ago.

I am not blaming DJ (or Candace Cameron Bure). I think both of them are lovely ladies, even if we don’t agree on all life choices.

I blame America for allowing this trend to happen, forcing one of television’s sweethearts into such an ensemble, and then re-playing this fashion horror for years to come.

Meta DJ


If nothing else, I am so glad that Fuller House is appearing to allow the beautiful DJ into a modern outfit for her modern audience. Because we can all agree that there is a correct way to do denim.

You go, DJ

We love you, DJ, and are so glad that time has allowed you to shed the fashions of days past and throw your cute little self into an outfit Millennials everywhere can solemnly nod to and whisper, “Well done.”

Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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