Eat It Up: Work lunches to get you through your day

We are going to do it — we are going to contribute to the Internet clutter screaming advice at you on how to be healthier in 2016.

The start of the new year is the perfect time to commit to new goals. And whether those goals are to work out more, eat better, or learn how to yodel with an accent, we are here to support you.

A resolution we can definitely get behind is setting new work goals. 2016 sounds like a great year to get a promotion. And a raise. And become the boss.

While we have plenty of actionable work advice coming your way this year, for this second Friday post of the year, we decided to tackle the obvious, most important topic.


We are pro-food in every sense of the word. Life is too short to feel guilty about eating a cookie and days are too special to not end in a delicious dinner. So it should come as no surprise that we have found a bridge to connect our desire to be awesome at work and a way to eat more things.

Work lunches.png


What is the best way to be your best at work? The delightful answer is to be kind to yourself and feed your body delicious things on the reg.

The Internet is filled with “easy” ways to eat healthy at work, like making your own hummus out of flaxseed and cranberry extract with a whisper of a robin’s tear.

We want to help you be excited for your workday lunch and kill it in your next meeting without getting crazy.

In the nature of full disclosure, I am a gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, red meat-free working girl so all of the tips will be applicable to all, even those on an insane diet.


Plan ahead

This tip seems so obvious but it is true. A Sunday night inventory of your pantry goes a long way towards a smooth week of eating.

One of the most important things for eating healthy at work is to avoid starving. In the morning, it may seem like a good idea to pack carrot sticks and some crackers for your whole day in an attempt to cut down on your snacking. However, when two o’clock comes around and you are famished, it can be hard to avoid the temptation of the vending machine.

And by “hard,” I mean that, if you’re anything like me, you will demand change from your co-workers so that you can devour six Swedish fish for $1.25.

It is a much better plan to pack a ton of healthy snacks and not eat all of them then to pack minimal food and hope for the best.

Having a plan will make it harder to deviate from your diet.



Have one thing you love

Food makes life better. This is just a fact. And if you don’t get excited about food, then you are not eating delicious enough food. In 2016, eating healthy doesn’t mean that we don’t get to be excited anymore. Rather, we are just going to be smarter.

Pack a dessert in your weekday lunch and happiness will just throw itself into your lunchbox.

Eating dessert at work has two main benefits. 1) It gives you a sweet treat to divide the day and 2) it is better for you to eat a higher calorie item in the middle of the day versus after dinner because you have more time to burn it off.

Even if it is something small like a pudding pack or some fruit gummies, having something exciting in your workday menu will keep your spirits up in-between meetings.


Have a lot of little things

The secret to winning at work eating is to have mini meals throughout the day. This keeps your metabolism working and grooving and also prevents a post-big-lunch slump.

What works best for me is to eat a little something every hour and a half. This not only gives me a mental break to keep me going strong at work all day but also keeps me from ever getting too hungry.

When you munch often, you also trick yourself into thinking that you are eating a lot more than you actually are. This is especially true when you pack yourself a bunch of different tastes and textures in your snack selection.

Below is a mock-up grocery list I use every week. This way, I get all my snacks but I can easily shake it up so that my diet doesn’t get too repetitive.

Work eats

And don’t forget your dessert!


Comment below to tell us your favorite workday snack and we will be back next week with more advice on how to rock it at work.

Written by Shelby Dorsey,


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