Sangria: Red wine for wimps like me

Buzzfeed has been working tirelessly to try and convince us all that we adore wine.

Shonda Rhimes is in on it to — with her #TGIT commercials that have Dr. Meredith Grey and Olivia Pope tipping their giant glasses of red at us, almost saying, “We understand that you love red wine as much as we do. We are all adults here.”

I just feel like I am missing something.

Yes — a glass of Italian moscato is like being kissed by a European angel. It is heavenly and sweet but kinda makes you wanna brush your teeth.

But are we foaming at the mouth to suck down a bottle when we get home? Not so much.

Now, I enjoy an adult beverage as much as the next girl, but Buzzfeed! Stop acting like I would ever choose a glass of wine over a Yoohoo with a crazy straw. That kind of talk will just not stand here.

And yet – this week is already killing. Friday seems too far away and we don’t want to talk about when our next vacation is. (Hint: Why do adult offices fail to acknowledge MLK day? College, we miss you.)

This calls for treating ourselves to an easy Mexican meal and a large glass of sangria.

Again – I am not, as a white twenty-something woman, the wine connoisseur that pop culture wants me to be. So I have to doctor a red to be able to pass it through my lips without puckering like a toddler with a WarHead candy.

One of the ways I’ve tricked myself into liking red wine – making sangria.



The only bear about this drink is that the key to it is to let it mix and mingle overnight. So if your Tuesday really blows, a (sigh) regular glass of wine may be the best course of action for tonight. But for tomorrow! Sangria is here to save the day so you can be classy as the day is long whilst you sip it tomorrow out of your only clean coffee mug, careful not to spill on your sweatpants as Gossip Girl blares (or Blairs) [see what we did there?] in the background.

The best type of mixed drink is a sugary, syrupy one. But they leave you slurping down your day’s calories and then we all have to wonder why we can’t fit into our pants tomorrow. Don’t ask 810 Showroom’s Southeastern Sales Rep Karsyn Dorsey how many calories are in an Amaretto Sour. She will ruin that drink for you.

I love this sangria recipe because it is basically:

  • Red wine – good for your heart
  • and fruit – good for your whole body

It’s basically a salad in a glass.

Shopping list.png


On your way home from work, swing by the store and grab:

Flower Power   A Spanish red wine (your grocery store should have wine sorted by country)

Flower Power   Assorted fruit (citrus-y fruits are the best because they make the red wine really sweet)


This is truly the easiest drink “recipe” you will ever make.

Pour the red wine into a pitcher. I use a carafe because I am just that kind of classy (three dollars at Publix, ladies and gentlemen; I am rocking this life on a budget).

Next – add fruit. Now, the more fruit you add, the more like juice it will taste.


Because I am a giant infant parading around in an adult woman’s body, I load mine up with fruit. Orange slices, chopped pineapple, orange juice, pineapple juice, banana – you get the gist.

This is not me just playing a memory game with myself to try and list as many fruits as possible. These are all things I throw into my sangria. Again – I’m a baby and like my alcohol to taste not at all like alcohol.

If you are a more adulty adult than myself, pick and choose what fruit you wanna play with.


Put that pitcher/carafe/empty-milk-carton-now-full-of-wine back in the fridge and watch some House of Cards and go to bed.

Tomorrow — you’re welcome.

Written by Shelby Dorsey,

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