4 Ways to Stay Beachy This Winter

We know it’s January and freezing and cold and dark and all we really want to do is continuing wearing our Christmas pajamas, take a week off work, and watch Netflix all the day long while annihilating the rest of our holiday candy.

But we are adults (heavy, heavy, heavy sigh). Apparently it is encouraged that we go back to work after a holiday and just continue living our lives as though we do not want to be Netflix and chilling the day away.

As a post-holiday pick-you-up, we want to remind you that summer is just around the corner! Hang in there! We are here to help you make it to warm days with wine coolers.

Everyone loves a good beach vacation. And some of the 810 Showroom team is livin’ that beach life in Jacksonville, FL, so we can attest to the fact that breathing naturally comes a little bit easier in the salt air. And while we are not dealing with Artic temps here in Florida, 48 degrees is too much winter for our lil beach baby souls.

There are plenty of committed steps you could take to make your life more tropical, like cover your kitchen floor in a layer of white, soft sand or start drinking at work, but we are rocking this life on a budget.

Read on for ways in which to incorporate summer beach life into your wintery days.

Beach Life on the Mainland

1. Step into the mindset

Treat yo’self to a pedicure. If you really need an island pick-me-up, use summer colors like coral and light blue. Whether you do it yourself or you get it done professionally, a pedicure can do wonders for an icy winter mood.

Even if your feet are going to be swathed in boots, tights, socks, and Black Orchid denim, knowing that your toes glow like a sailboat sunset can help put you into a warmer mindset.


2. Feed the mood

While we always hesitate to call a salad “fun,” a (pause) fun salad will push you overboard into the saltiness that is beach life.

We appreciate that winter is the season for chili, soup, and carbs, yet we also must insist as beach professionals that you try an occasional summer salad in the winter. We love a good three-bean chili as much as the next girl but we are beaching it up today.

The key to a fantastic summer salad is color. Just like a vibrant beach day. Use lots of greens, fruit, some nuts, and a light vinaigrette. And, of course, no beach salad would be complete without shrimp or some type of fish as your protein. If you can’t get on-board with the fishiness, chicken will do.

Because we love our food at the beach, we also recommend a shellfish pasta paired with an Italian moscato one night for dinner. Approach cooking this meal as though you’ve just come in from a day in the sun. Imagine yourself freshly showered, a shade tanner, and sporting just a few grains of sand left on the soles of your feet. This is not a girl that would slave over a recipe whilst making her pasta. She would just go with her instincts.

Throw some pasta in a pot. Grill some shrimp in a pan with some olive oil and crushed tomatoes. Combine and enjoy the delicious simplicity of summer life in the middle of January.

3. Toss it up

Hair and makeup maintenance is approached very differently in the summer. And, in our opinion, the summer approach should make its way to being the all-year option.

When you know you are going to sweating and sunning all day, it doesn’t make sense to spend much time primping and priming.

To get into the spirit, try a laidback summer hairstyle one day this winter.

We are in favor of making big waves (see what we did there?) and then throwing it all on top of your head in a messy bun.

To really commit to the beachiness of this look, use a swipe of bronzer and create some well-defined eyebrows. Pair this simple look with a light pink lip gloss or a matte nude as your only makeup for the day.

4. Water it

We beachers know that the real foundation to a successful beach trip is plenty of water. As soon as you become dehydrated, the beach stops being a restful and relaxing place and turns into your own personal hell where the walk to the car with your beach gear feels like a brisk Everest hike.

Meet your New Year’s resolution and be beach-like by staying hydrated all day long.

If achieving your water goal is a struggle, try putting cucumbers and strawberries in your water. This combination gives very cold water a summery, fruity taste.

Commit to getting your water intake every day. We promise it makes as big a difference as everyone says it does.


Comment below and let us know how you are keeping your summer spirit alive this winter.


Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com


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