3 Things You Need at Your Desk to Make Your Monday Badass


As much as we all love a good Monday, there is nothing wrong with making an already awesome day even better.

Oh jokes. Who are we kidding? The Monday blues kick in around 8 pm on Sunday night, when you have to start mentally preparing for killing it and taking names at work for yet another week.

1. A lipstick that makes you feel like a Bond villain

Every woman should have a lipstick that makes her feel like she has her life together. Whether your color of choice is a delicate nude or a firetruck red, a beautiful coat of lipstick can work miracles on a day.

You know you’ve found your color when the only other thing that would make your outfit better is black leather onesie and a motorcycle. Or maybe that’s just me.


The last thing most sane humans want to do on a Monday morning is wake up early to put on your face. We’ve got our lives together but not to that insane degree.

Even if you do nothing else, a quick application of mascara and a swipe of your signature color with help to make your Monday a little more sparkly.

This month, in preparation for what I’m hoping is a chilly Florida winter, I am digging L’oreal’s Classic Wine Colour Riche Lipcolour.

Stain a pretty coffee mug with your beautiful lip color and you are officially in business for your Monday.

2. A Spotify playlist that gets ya going

Whether you are a show tunes gal, a Disney fan for life, or a Top 40s lady – it doesn’t matter. Whatever gets you pumped, that is what needs to make up your Monday playlist.

If you wanna get super committed to your Mondays, create one playlist exclusively for Mondays filled to the brim with your favorites. Having such a jam sess only accessible one day a week will give you something to look forward to on your Monday.

This week I’m loving Elle King’s “Ex’s and Oh’s.” It makes me want to – whilst wearing my Wine lipstick – punch out a million blog posts and sip black coffee. Perfect mood to start your work week with.

3. Make it sweet

One of the kindest things you can do for yourself on a Sunday is pick out a lovely dessert to enjoy on Monday.

Just as a Monday playlist can get you mentally pumped to start your week, an afternoon cupcake to look forward to can get you physically pumped to get through your day.

If you aren’t able to treat yourself to a fancy bakery item once a week, a snack from your youth is also another way to make your Monday delightful. Gushers don’t get the attention they deserve. Neither do Fruit by the Foot.

A sugar pick-me-up is always appreciated on a Monday.


Comment below to share your Monday essentials for starting your work week off on the right note.
Written by Shelby Dorsey, sadorsey@live.com 




  1. Healthy Not Nuts · January 6, 2016

    Love it! Small things to look forward to is right up my alley. I usually look forward to a cup of green or mint tea in my favorite tea cup. I will have to think of something for Mondays only, though. Will work on that, kind of like the cupcake idea!


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